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The Real Estate advisor who Washingtonians in the Metro Area of DC, Maryland & Virginia seek for their Real Estate needs. Experience where you need it the most.... your most prized asset... your home. The right choice for your family... When SOLD Matters!

- Top 1% Agent/Realtor Nationwide
- 20+ Years Experience in sales & consulting
- Master of Business Administration, M.B.A
- Daily Prospecting
- Pro-Active Listing & Buyer Plan of Action with proven results
- Entrepreneur spirit; thinking “out-of-the-box”
- Strategy, Analysis and Negotiating skills on your side
- Active monitoring of your neighborhood, county and state
- Lead capture systems for follow-up and follow through
- 24x7 Mobile Tour by Text / Virtual Flyer of your home.
- Managed showings to track and facilitate the scheduling of showing tours of your home for buyer agents.
- Speak fluent “Spanish” to better negotiate with the Spanish speaking buyer’s agent and buyers.
- Strategy, Expert Analysis & Negotiating skills on your side.

…. The RIGHT CHOICE when SOLD matters! ….

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